A Step-To-Step Guide To Building A Lasting Fragrance Wardrobe

Much like love, there lies a caveat to finding the right ones: don’t rush the process

A great perfume is possibly the best (and most underrated) accessory there is. Whether you’re a staunch loyalist of fresh and citrusy fragrances or have a nose for oriental and woody scents, there’s no refuting that picking the right scent can instantly elevate your vibe and—in most cases—lift up your spirits too.

In that case, where’s the lie in saying that every man out there deserves an ever-evolving arsenal of his favourite scents?

“Consider the smells that you are drawn to naturally to get a sense of your preferences. Do you prefer earthy and woodsy aromas, fruity overtones, or floral ones? Knowing your preferences will help you narrow down your choices,” suggests Nishit Shah, Business Head, Global SS Beauty Brands.

With perfumes being launched at a breakneck speed today, the allure of being swayed away by varied fragrances deepens, and so does the risk of wide-eyed enthusiasts getting lost in a sea of scents. Interestingly enough, the solve lies in the humble coffee bean! “Between smelling different fragrances, sniffing coffee beans can help reset your olfactory senses, preventing scents from blending and confusion. This helps especially when you’re trying out varied fragrances to gauge your preferences,” he avers.

Emphasising the need to prioritize diversification while building a fragrance wardrobe; Aakash Anand, founder of BELLAVITA, sages valuable advice: paying attention to the fragrance composition. “Ensuring a harmonious balance of top, middle, and base notes, leads to a lasting impression. To create a well-rounded collection, also consider the roles that summer and winter play on fragrances. You can always have more of what you like, but having a wholesome basket of scents really helps.”

Is There A Right Way To Wear A Spritz?

Investing in a great fragrance is one, and finding ways to make the scent last is another. You’ve probably heard of how dabbing some unscented moisturizer on your pulse points helps a scent to linger on for longer. But, experts believe timing, method of application, and layering it mindfully are equally imperative. “Apply them right after the shower and to safeguard the strength of your fragrances, store them away from sunlight,” suggests Megha Asher, co-founder of Juicy Chemistry.  Shedding light on the science that supports it, Shahil Hameed, Director— Marketing, Make Your Own Perfume (MYOP), says, “Applying perfume to pulse points, such as wrists, neck, and behind the ears are recommended, as these areas usually generate heat, enhancing the fragrance’s diffusion. Avoid rubbing the perfume into your skin, as it can alter the scent’s composition and development. Layering fragrances can be an exciting way to create a personalized aroma; explore combinations that complement each other.”

Staples To Cart

If you’re starting out on your fragrance journey, testing scents in person is strongly recommended, as this helps pay attention to the top, heart, and base notes to understand how a fragrance evolves over time.

Akin to the arena of fashion and grooming, the world of perfumes comprises must-haves across genders. “We all have that one signature scent that makes us instantly identifiable. For men, strong, aqua-minty scents have ruled their wardrobes for the longest time. But it’s essential to build a fragrance wardrobe that pairs well with your different moods and aesthetics,” Asher adds.

Much like love, there lies a caveat to finding the right one— don’t rush the process. “With top notes being the initial impression and lasting around 15 minutes, middle notes (heart notes) releasing 20-60 minutes after application, and base notes projecting for 1 to 12 hours based on the quality and concentration of the perfume. While shopping, don’t rush the decision; let the fragrance settle on your skin before making a choice,” concludes Anand.

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