Dive into a World of Enchantment

A major moment in fashion and pop culture

Back in ’97, legendary Japanese media house Studio Ghibli dropped a cinematic bombshell that forever shook up the animation scene. Princess Mononoke, a timeless masterpiece courtesy of the creative genius of Hayao Miyazaki captivated hearts worldwide with its hypnotic animation and deep-rooted themes about environmentalism and the relationship between man and nature. Fast-forward to now and Levi’s has partnered with Studio Ghibli to take on Miyazaki’s wild imagination of lush forests, meandering rivers and animals, and stamp it on its iconic wares.  

The collection MVPs like the San & Wolf Trucker Jacket, the Ashitaka 501® ’93 Jeans, and the San & Moro 501® Shorts teleport you straight into the heart of that enchanting forest. The Nightwalker Denim Kimono Jacket and the Kodama Denim Overalls capture the same vibes as the characters’ stomping grounds. Graphic t-shirts and hoodies chant the characters’ mantras, speaking the film’s language loud and clear. The collection also includes accessories like a bandana, bucket hat and the San & Ashitaka Tote. The coin bags flaunting San’s mask and Kodama’s faces are the perfect sushi on top.  

Karyn Hillman, the Chief Product Officer at Levi Strauss & Co., summed it up perfectly, saying, “Over 25 years after its release, Princess Mononoke continues to resonate deeply with audiences across the globe as an animated icon.” And the Levi’s® x Princess Mononoke collection is a love letter to that timeless gem. The collection hits stores and online on August 10. Mark your calendars.  

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