Holiday Destinations That Offer Visa-On-Arrival In 2023; Maldives, Jordan, Indonesia

Go book that ticket and satiate your wanderlust

Planning on taking a trip to unwind and calm those frazzled nerves? These touristy spots are ideal, given their smooth visa-on-arrival process that facilitates hassle-free travel.


Surreal views and pristine turquoise lagoons aside, the hassle-free visa-on-arrival process makes Maldives—the smallest country in Asia— every vacationer’s delight. There’s no reason to sulk if you haven’t travelled to the tropical paradise as yet, since the best time to visit the country is between November to April, leaving you with ample time to chart a plan before the year ends. The Maldives visa-on-arrival lasts up to 30 days (and can be extended to 60 days).

Sri Lanka

Ministry of Crab and ancient temples aside, Sri Lanka is an island nation that offers a lot to the discerning traveller. Whether you’re quite the beach bum or would just want to indulge in some peace and quiet, the charming Lankan beaches won’t disappoint. Since the country doles out varied delights in different parts, we’d suggest booking your travel in tandem with the months favourable for a visit. For instance, anytime between May and September is ideal to visit the northern and eastern regions. On the other hand, book a trip sometime around December to March if you’re eying the southern coastal or western areas.


We’d be lying if we said Thailand has never been on our bucket lists. While our Instagram feeds were flooded with images of our folks living it up in the Phi Phi islands once upon a time, the charm hasn’t really fizzled out despite the rising popularity of places like Bali, Maldives, Morocco and Europe. Whether you wish to explore your spiritual side at Thailand’s iconic temples or want to have a memorable girls/ boys trip, there’s no better place to be than in Thailand. The visa, which can be availed on arrival, is valid for up to 30 days. While anytime might seem like a good time to visit Thailand, experts suggest the months between November to April to get the most out of your experience.


While Indonesia is synonymous with Bali, there’s more to the country— cities like Jakarta, Komodo and Penida, for instance. These cities bore a surreal, vacation-esque vibe that makes it an instant hit among the young and the middle-aged alike. Book a visit between May to September to indulge in cartloads of outdoorsy fun and escape the wrath of the rain gods. The visa-on-arrival here is valid for 30 days.


For those of you who’d like to give the usual holiday spots a break, Jordan would be an ideal option. Flanked by the seas— Red Sea and Dead Sea—the Middle Eastern country is rich in touristy spots and attractions while being steeped in history. Book a trip during Springtime  (March to May) to witness the country’s beauty in its complete glory.


Given its diverse culture and natural landscape, Myanmar’s probably not half as hyped as it should be. And, if the name has slipped your bucket list, this is your sign to include it. Replete with colonial architecture and breezy weather for the most part, Myanmar is great to visit between October to February.


Madagascar has long enjoyed the repute of being a traveller’s paradise. With a rich blanket of flora and fauna besides a host of touristy activities on offer, the island nation makes for a great holiday destination. Since Madagascar is among the few countries with rich wildlife, it’s only fair if you devote a day to savouring up the wilderness. The best months to visit are between April and October, as the climatic conditions are reportedly the best around that time of the year.


Long before the Maldives craze spread like wildfire, Seychelles was the ‘place to be’. With 115 coral and granite islands, the East African country is a visual treat and home to some of the world’s rarest wildlife species. Guaranteed great pics aside, a trip to Seychelles is sure to leave you rejuvenated and in the marvel of nature. Go book that trip, and don’t think too much. There’s a visa-on-arrival that’s valid for up to 3 months. Not like we’re implying you must stay for that long. But even if you plan to, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Lesser known holiday destinations we bet you didn’t know offered visa-on-arrival

Comoro Islands
Palau Islands

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