Most Expensive In-Game Items Ever Sold; Planet Calypso, M4A4 Howl And More

The top item on the list cost more than a couple of million. No, seriously

Gone are the days when your spending on a video game was limited to the number of nickels you could lug to the arcade. Over the past couple of decades, gamers have dished out staggering sums in pursuit of exclusive skins or weapons that may exist only as pixels, yet wield genuine dollar value as digital assets. Today, we’re taking a look at the top five most exorbitant in-game video game items ever sold.

$9,500 – Zeuzo (World Of Warcraft)

One of the most popular titles of all time, the World of Warcraft universe has witnessed many rare in-game items exchanging hands from player to player. But perhaps what takes the cake is the Zeuzo, a level 70 Night Elf Rogue, that came with some of the best gear at the time, costing someone nearly $10,000 of real money.

$14,000 – Echoing Fury Mace (Diablo 3)

Similarly, the action RPG title Diablo 3 is known to host items of high value and superior stats, including the legendary weapon known as “The Echoing Fury Mace”, which provides its wielder with a significant power upgrade in combat scenarios. The only catch here is, it cost someone  $14,000

$50,000 – Amsterdam (Second Life)

Before Meta was a thing, Second Life was the talk of the town, providing an alternate virtual life to its users. A great advantage of this was, players could buy assets in the game that they couldn’t in reality, including the entire virtual city of Amsterdam which was sold to an unknown buyer for $50,000 of real money. Apart from the bragging rights of “owning Amsterdam” the player also got to experience the elaborate interiors, scenic landscapes, and vibrant neighbourhoods which almost do justice to the real deal.

$215,0000 – M4A4 Howl (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

A more of a flex buy instead of a practical one, the M4A4 Howl skin is a very rare item in the CS: GO universe, without ever offering any in-game advantage. Purely built as a cosmetic accessory, the skin was apparently sold for a jaw-dropping $215,000!

$6 Million – Planet Calypso (Entropia Universe)

The Entropia Universe is a weird dystopian nightmare of sorts, with its gameplay built around the selling and buying of digital assets. But that hasn’t stopped players from investing their own money in cities, spaceships and buildings, and somehow making a profit on it. For starters, a player by the name of Jon Jacobs reportedly mortgaged his house to buy an in-game  asteroid for $10,000, on which he built the “Club Neverdie.”

He then went on the build player housing on his purchase, making a return on investment, and later selling the whole deal for $635,000. But that’s not even the craziest transaction here. A studio by the name of  SEE Virtual Words bought a whole planet called Calypso for $6 million.

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