-Shirt Brands That Define Cool; Turnt Up Clothing, Lost My Accent, Beyond Extreme

From elevated basics to cutting-edge designs, explore cool T-Shirt brands that define your vibe

Absolutely, you’re the protagonist of your own narrative, and guess what? Your T-shirt isn’t just an afterthought—it’s the cornerstone. We’re delving into the fundamentals here, the quintessential garment. It’s a direct mirror of your individuality. Whether it’s the fit that speaks volumes or the design that echoes your style, it mirrors your sense of style and persona. From anime prints to effortlessly oversized silhouettes, and from the vibrant world of Bluorng to the understated chic of Deadbear, consider these T-shirt brands your VIP ticket to the coolville.


 It wouldn’t be an overstatement to assert that this is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized names on the roster—and rightfully so. The inception of this sensation took place in December 2020. The masterminds behind the magic, Siddhant Sabharwal and Mokam Singh, unveiled the brand’s first creative space in Delhi, followed by a flagship haven in Mumbai in 2022. Renowned for its vivid and vibrant colour palette, cutting-edge graphics, and commitment to size inclusivity, Bluorng effortlessly earns its spot as a new-age brand with a voice.


 Conceived over a relaxed lunch in February 2022, DEADBEAR’s design ethos revolves around minimalism. The fabric takes the throne, and from day one, their anthem has been #feelittobelieveit. So, if you’re the kind who craves essentials with a touch of effortlessly cool flair, don’t hesitate to dive right in. Luckily, the brand is not too heavy on the pocket.

Beyond Extreme

 Just as the name implies, Beyond Extreme thrives on designs that transcend boundaries. While occasionally pricier, the brand unquestionably upholds its commitment to top-notch quality and unmatched creativity. Offering everything from drop-shoulder styles to captivating colour gradients, this is where innovation finds its home.


 This brand effortlessly channels the urban pulse while elevating it with meticulous detailing, exuding an understated pret lux. Even if your closet thrives on monochrome, a touch of their collection can be the perfect twist. And for those seeking to infuse vibrant hues, their collection boasts trendy co-ords that are sure to turn heads.

Lost my accent

Nostalgia and vintage vibes are jamming on fashion playlists, and this brand effortlessly fuses them. Their modern twists invoke memories of yesteryears and the allure of ocean voyages. Muted hues and intricate backside graphics make them the ultimate summer companions for an effortlessly cool escapade.


 Their essence? Bold graphics, precision cuts, and an unbridled passion for anime. Each tee declares its independence, melding art and style into a distinct reflection of your identity. Whether it’s the relaxed allure of oversized fits, the nonchalant charm of drop shoulders, or the playfully eccentric designs, their Instagram deserves an instant follow for a dose of fashion inspiration.

Turnt up clothing

 Swagger takes centre stage with Turnt Up Clothing. One word: swag! From their website to their collection, it all exudes pure coolness. Geek art, Corduroy, Vintage – their repertoire’s as diverse as it gets. Don’t miss the slick Fluid Chrome line. Psst, their cargos are a must-see too—total game-changers.

Kilogram (KGRM)

 Their tagline perfectly sums up their brand identity, ”Elevated Basics, Effortlessly Cool”. They take easily wearable unisex basics and infuse them with stories, all the while exuding a cool urban vibe through their graphic expressions. 

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