The Best Of New York Fashion Week

A spectacle like no other

For fashion aficionados like us, NYFW serves as an exciting prelude to the grandeur that awaits in the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan. It’s not just a teaser; it offers an enticing glimpse into the upcoming season. From the triumphant return of Ralph Lauren to the runway to the eagerly anticipated show by Helmut Lang and the awe-inspiring collection presented by Falguni & Shane Peacock, NYFW delivered precisely what we had been yearning for. Amidst all the sartorial splendour, there were even moments that left us utterly perplexed. It’s safe to say that NYFW served up a medley of styles, trends, and surprises, leaving us both satiated and intrigued.


 Celebrating his tenth anniversary at Coach, Stuart Vevers unveiled his collection at the iconic New York Public Library near Bryant Park. We knew this show was extremely close to his heart when Vevers appeared with his son at the finale, evoking a heartfelt moment. In an era marked by global conversations on sustainability and climate change, Vevers has prominently woven these themes into his designs, incorporating upcycled leather, denim, and regenerated cotton and leather. The collection seamlessly extends his exploration of construction and silhouette, a testament to his enduring commitment to innovation. Khaki, camel, and black hues dominated the colour palette, while the accessories, a departure from Coach’s usual offerings, exuded a cool, edgy vibe, featuring striking elements like spider brooches and stylish earrings.

Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren at NYFW is akin to Sachin Tendulkar gracing Wankhade Stadium—a true icon in his element. Few designers grasp the essence of New York quite like him. The SS2024 collection masterfully fused Ralph Lauren’s signature aesthetics with a fresh twist. Denim, stripes, pleated trousers, gold accents, sequins, and intricate embroidery all played a harmonious role. Notably, the oversized buckles on the belts were tastefully styled, striking the perfect balance between boldness and sophistication, without ever veering into flashy or tacky territory. 

Helmut Lang

 If Ralph Lauren embodies classic New York, Peter Do’s highly anticipated debut collection for Helmut Lang exquisitely reimagined the city with a modern sensibility. The teaser alone hinted at what awaited us as a model stepped out of a yellow cab. Inspired by Peter Do’s early memories of New York, the collection seamlessly fused classic NYC styles like all-black ensembles and blazers paired with denim, with eye-catching seatbelt-inspired strips in vibrant fuchsia and gold adorning suits and shirts. T-shirts, shirts, and cashmere sweaters, featuring Ocean Vuong’s poignant poems, offered a window into the designer’s emotional journey as a queer Asian individual in America. In sum, this collection artfully combined exceptional design, functionality, and commercial appeal, making it a standout representation of contemporary fashion.

Michael Kors

While the time machine remains elusive, fashion effortlessly transports us. In New York, Michael Kors unveiled his SS2024 collection, whisking onlookers away to the charming shores of Capri. The presentation featured white lace shirts elegantly paired with white jackets and trousers, open-toed footwear, and chic monochrome ensembles that exuded an easy, breezy sophistication. As the show progressed through 40 looks, a touch of glamour emerged with opulent golden accessories, sequins, and daring plunging necklines. Altogether, it provided the perfect getaway, offering a delightful escape to the sun-kissed shores of Capri.

Who Decides War

Everard Best, a Long Island native, has held a passion for streetwear since his early days, even before fully comprehending its essence. His journey began crafting denim during his school years, honing his skills working alongside his father in their tailor shop. From his inaugural brand, “Lease on Life,” to ”Who Decides War”, the designer’s evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. In his SS2024 collection, Best introduced select womenswear pieces, although the brand’s aesthetics have always embraced a unisex ethos. The collection featured distressed denim adorned with stained glass motifs, rhinestone detailing gracing the cuffs, leather corsets, and utilitarian jackets, all serving as standout highlights that exemplify the brand’s distinctive style.

Tanner Fletcher

 An up-and-coming designer hailing from Brooklyn is making waves with their genderless brand, championing the freedom of embracing fashion without rigid labels. Recently, the brand garnered attention when Bad Bunny donned their signature bow suit, and now, they’re making their runway debut with a promising collection. Fletcher’s unique style seamlessly blends homeware aesthetics into their designs, featuring silk pantyhose trims, charming bows, floral patterns, and their signature bow collar. The SS2024 collection strikes a harmonious balance, presenting a delightful fusion of pantsuits and more, positioning Fletcher at a sweet spot in the fashion scene.

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