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 He may be used to the chaos that comes with a buzzy lifestyle as an influencer, but Rahi prefers a tranquil start to the day, packed with guided meditation, mandatory morning workouts and a robust skincare routine.  He tells us what it takes to look so good. 

How do you start your morning?  
Rahi Chadda:
On a regular day, I’m up by 6:30 a.m. and start with a guided meditation for 15 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of using a Gua Sha. I then head to my reformer pilates class in St. John’s Wood. It’s a staple in my morning routine. 
What will we see sitting on your bathroom shelf? 
RC: Lots of skincare and my vision board. 
What are your go-to grooming products? 
RC: Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, SPF, some serums, and eye patches are a must. Also, a hair grooming kit. 

Grooming essentials you swear by and a recent find you’d recommend? 
RC: Eye patches/masks are my favourite things to use before bed. A good clay mask because it’s anti-inflammatory and really leaves your skin with a radiant glow. Also, invest in a Hydra facial every 6-8 weeks, it ensures that your skin is thoroughly cleansed. 
Your day and night fragrances? 
RC: During the day, I love using either Gris Dior or Vanilla Diorama by Dior Beauty. In the evenings, I prefer a much stronger scent. So, I’d opt for Oud Wood or Cafe Rose by Tom Ford Beauty and Hugo Boss Bottled Parfum. 
How do you like your coffee? 
: Dairy-free. 
What does breakfast look like? 
RC: A protein dosa or an omelette followed by fruits (papaya, watermelon, pineapple and blueberries). 
What’s your workout routine like? 
RC: I swear by Reformer Pilates. Any low-intensity workout that doesn’t make me too tired for the day ahead. Sometimes on the weekend, I’ll train at Barry’s boot camp or Kobox for HIIT Training. 

Morning music. 
RC: Anything instrumental that is calm, meditative or tranquil. 

Clothing brands you favour? 
RC: I’m currently obsessed with vintage shopping and the quirky boutiques around London. I’m exploring a new style aesthetic with my styling where we amalgamate vintage finds with current-season high-end brands. It’s fun to mix-it-up.! 

Last pair of sneakers you bought? 
RC: B27 low-top Dior sneakers. 

Top 3 sneaker releases so far this year 
RC: Air Force 1 x Tiffany & Co.1837 and Travis Scott x Air Jordan’s. Also loved the colours on the Action Bronson x New Balance Baklava’s. 

A celebrity whose style you like? 
RC: Pharrell Williams. 

 What are you currently reading? 
RC:Things We Left Behind’ by Lucy Score 
Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand. 
RC: Myrrh & Tonka Home Candle from Jo Malone, the book Manifest written by Roxie Nafousi and my phone charger. 

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