Triune’s Prasoon Sharma Gets Chatty About Creating ‘Bivouac’ And Being An Eco-Design Warrior

Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI GenNext winner Prasoon Sharma on ‘Bivouac, ‘a collection that connects wearers to nature’s unspoiled beauty

If you stumble upon designer Prasoon Sharma’s Instagram, you might mistake him for a travel influencer. His presence is as bold, vibrant and unapologetic as his brand, Triune. Notably, the INIFD GenNext program has gained recognition for its ability to identify and nurture young, talented designers like Prasoon, offering them a platform to elevate their skills and shine in the fashion industry. It is with great excitement that we announce designer Prasoon Sharma as the latest recipient of this prestigious award. His brand, Triune, is set to unveil its new collection at LFW X FDCI as a GENNEXT DESIGNER for 2023. In an exclusive conversation with Mans World, the designer sheds light on his upcoming collection and more.

What’s your inspiration behind ‘Bivouac’? How did you come up with the concept and name, and what themes are you aiming to convey through this collection?

“Bivouac” is a camp primarily used by soldiers and mountaineers as their temporary base; they can set it up anywhere, and it becomes their safe space or a portal to their home. My interpretation of Bivouac is a portal connecting you to an imaginary world, and to me, this is a gateway to nature—a natural world that is perfect as it is, without any interruption from human activity, where imperfections are transformed into artistry. This theme captures the essence of an untouched wilderness, resonating with beauty, purity and authenticity often absent in our human-made environments.

The collection speaks to a specific audience—those who have steadfast belief in their own potential. It’s curated for individuals who break free from societal norms and inhibitions, embracing their raw selves and valuing their imperfections as unique expressions of character and authenticity. “Bivouac” serves as a conduit for wearers to immerse themselves in a world that transcends the mundane. Each piece becomes a metaphorical portal, inviting the wearer to step into a space of unrestrained imagination, where the intricate dance of nature’s elements takes centre stage. These designs are not merely garments; they are catalysts for a connection with the unspoiled beauty of the world.

‘Bivouac’ seems to emphasise a connection with the environment. Could you delve into how this theme is conveyed?

The collection finds its creative inspiration in the dynamic relationship that exists between nature and humans. It symbolizes the intricate interplay between humans and nature and how humans are intricately intertwined with nature’s rhythms, cycles, and patterns. We have used patterns that seamlessly unite wearers with the natural world, incorporating patterns found in dense, verdant forests—a tapestry woven with earthy greens, natural browns, lively bursts of colour, and captivating animal motifs and prints. In essence, this collection goes beyond being a mere assemblage of designs; it becomes a poetic exploration of the intricate, ever-evolving dance between humanity and the natural world. Through its representation of differences and uniformity, it reminds us of our shared journey, encouraging a deeper understanding of our place within the grand tapestry of life.

Your use of various techniques and fabrics, such as hand braiding, screen printing, and Tencel Dobby, adds depth and texture to the collection. Can you explain how you decided on these techniques and materials and how they are brought to life in the collection?

The idea was to bring the natural world alive and to create nature-focused garments for the human form. We have used hand braiding and hand nesting on the garments, employing dori work to achieve the raw texture of nature. We have also employed a unique and innovative technique for our denim, which is a first in India. We draped cotton dories around the denim, hand-dyed them, and subjected them to stone washing to give them the natural look they deserved. This inspiration came from the prop roots of the Banyan tree. We used screen printing to breathe life into animals and other elements of nature that are integral to the collection. All these techniques and materials enhance the concept and overall theme while making the collection interesting, comfortable, and wearable.

With your brand Triune having garnered attention from Bollywood stars, how do you balance your artistic/creative flair for fashion with the trend-based commercial side?

Our focus has always been on the clothes we create and the stories we convey. We never compromise the essence of the brand, which lies in the liberation of expression. Triune was born to express, and we remain true to our roots no matter what. At the same time, we don’t overlook the commercial aspect of the brand. It’s a delicate balance that we maintain through a diverse product range.

How has Jaipur influenced your design philosophy, the identity of your label, and the creation of ‘Bivouac’?

Jaipur stands as an oasis of serenity amidst bustling chaos. This city imparts a sense of tranquillity—a joyful haven where self-discovery and purpose intertwine. The work culture is incredible, people are cooperative and possess a natural talent for art and craft. My design philosophy draws from the very essence of nature and its components, a vision that found its formative expression within Jaipur’s embrace. The serenity bestowed by Jaipur resonates throughout my creations and labels. The city’s allure is magnetic, found in its street styles and architectural wonders; there’s an endless fount of inspiration here, a constant motivation derived from its offerings.

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