Unique Ashtrays That Can Double Up As Home Decor

Smoking might be injurious to health, but looking suave isn’t…yet

Smoking is harmful to health, but what about ashtrays? Despite the fact that the activity they are linked to has been looked down upon (for valid reasons) over the past two decades, ashtrays have continued to symbolize opulence and creativity. Recall the iconic Air India ashtray designed by Salvador Dali? In a similar fashion, we’ve taken a look at some of the most distinctive and impressive pieces available that can also function as affordable decorative pieces.

Tommy Bahama Ashtray

Image Credits – Tommy Bahama

Nothing screams sophistication than shades of gold accents on a slick, black ceramic piece of block from Tommy Bahama. Called the ‘Fits The Bill Ashtray’, this has the capacity to hold up as many as four cigars, while looking cool, of course.

Ripndip Turkish Nerm Ceramic Ash Tray

Perhaps the most unique of the lot (that’s saying something), this uniquely designed ashtray resembles a pack of crushed cigarette carton, covered in quirky tongue-in-cheek slogans and illustrations

Image Credit – Ripndip

Urban Outfitters Hand Ashtray

Urban Outfitters presents an unconventional ashtray that takes the expression “hold my smoke” quite literally, featuring an entire wrist designed to cradle your cigar.

Image Credits – Urban Outfitters

Ceramic Dice Shaped Ashtray

Looking to add a touch of flair to your study? How about incorporating ceramic dice in various colours that also double as ashtrays?

Image Credits – Ceramic Dice

Incense Holder + Ashtray

Designed by a Philadeplhia-based artist, Kenni Field, this part ashtray and part incense holder claims to kill two birds with one stone, while looking cool. 

Image Credits – Kenni Field

Halcyon Days Ashtray

Part of its extensive range of ashtrays, the Halcyon Days model is made from the finest bone China and features a rectangular shape with elegant colours, patterns and imagery. 

Image Credits – Halcyon Days

Versace Small Medusa Rhapsody Ashtray

Something about the Versace logo branded on top of an expensive-looking piece of glass makes sense, doesn’t it?

Image Credits – Versace

Hermes Mosaique Gold Ashtray

Crafted in porcelain with a velvet goatskin base, this piece shows off the decorative mosaics meticulously screen-printed and hand-applied using tiles made of 24-carat gold. No, seriously! 

Image Credits – Hermes

OYHBO Ashtray

Love a good cigar with scotch? This set from OYHBO not only serves as an ashtray but also comes with a cigar cutter and cigar punch, all made out of luxurious solid wood.

Image Credits – OYHBO Ashtray

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