Vedant Lamba: The Sneakerhead’s Morning Routine 

He’s (clearly) not your average 5 A.M. guy

Could he be the messiah of street culture in India? Vedant Lamba launched Mainstreet Marketplace in 2017 as a YouTube channel before making it the country’s first hype store reselling sneakers and streetwear from the buzziest brands across the globe. This year, he raised $2mn in seed funding to take his start-up to the next level. That he’s only 24 years old and hasn’t even peaked yet is the icing on his Grillz. Just how does he do it? We find out.  

Image courtesy: Official Instagram handle of Vedant Lamba

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up?  
Vedant Lamba: I usually hop into a cold shower, followed by spending some time in natural light, followed by 20 minutes of morning pages (basically a 1000-word brain dump to start my day) before hitting the gym. I do a strength training workout, head home, take a hot shower, and run through my AM skincare routine, followed by my first meal at 9 am. I take my supplements post and try to hit the office by 9:45 am.  
What will we see sitting on your bathroom shelf? 
VL: Skincare products, my water floss, toothbrush, and some meds.  
Go-to grooming products. 
VL: It’s pretty straightforward. I shave 2-3 times a week so, a razor and shaving cream. 

 Day and night scents. 
VL:  Davidoff Cool Water.  

How do you like your coffee? 
VL: I’ve never had a cup of coffee.  

 What does breakfast look like? 
VL: Supplements, fruit and some protein. These days it’s been a vegan egg omelette. The Vegan eggs are from a company called Evo Foods.  

 What’s your workout routine like? 
VL: 4 days of strength training. Ice baths 3 times a week. Steam 4 days a week. 

Different news portals you check out in the morning? 
VL: I read the Morning Context and The Ken avidly. And then of course, Twitter.  

A clothing brand you favour?  
VL: I love Balenciaga.  

Morning Music 
VL: Dishaan.  

 What are you currently reading? 
VL: ‘The Creative Act: A Way of Being, by Rick Rubin.  

 Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand. 
VL: Eye mask, tape (to tape my mouth while I sleep) and a book.  

Last pair of sneakers you bought?  
VL: I haven’t bought sneakers in three3 years.  

Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 Pine Green (image above). Credits: Nike official.

Top 3 sneaker releases so far this year 
VL: Love the A-Ma Maniére Air Jordan 2, Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 Pine Green, and Air Jordan 1 Low “Year Of The Rabbit” sneakers. 

A Ma Maniere’s Air Jordan 2

Which celebrity style do you like? 
VL: Justin Bieber.  

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?  
VL:1 pair to wear out, 1 pair of golf shoes, 1 pair of football shoes, and 1 pair of basketball shoes.  

Best international sneaker store. 
VL: The Mainstreet Marketplace 😊. 

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