What Is Tennis Wonderkid Carlos Alcaraz’s Net Worth In 2023?

Alcaraz signed a deal with Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, BMW, Rolex, and many other premium brands.

Carlos Alcaraz, the harbinger of the new dawn in men’s tennis, is currently in action in New York, defending his US Open title that he won last year at the tender age of 19. The Spanish prodigy is already the man to beat at every tournament he plays, playing every point with the same intensity and rigour as if his life depended on it. The relentless tennis is eerily similar to his compatriot and spiritual ancestor Nadal, though it’s a shame that we are unlikely to see them locking horns in a professional circuit. 

Alcaraz came at a time when tennis needed him the most, and he is already the third-biggest bankable star among active players, after Djokovic and Nadal. After Roger Federer’s retirement and Nadal’s injury, tennis struggled to find a worthy competitor to Djokovic. Rivalries are the nuts and bolts of this sport, hooking old-timers and casuals to the screen. Just when tennis started to feel like a drag, a one-way path for Djokovic to extend his supremacy, Alcaraz rose to the scene, altering the whole equation. We look at the net worth, endorsements, and other assets of the Spanish star.

Brand Endorsements

The future seems wide open for Alcaraz to paint the canvas of tennis courts in his own colours. Every time he steps on the field he looks invincible, and it’s safe to see not many in the circuit possess the game to outsmart him. Longevity and consistency are two things that brands expect the most from their new faces and Alcaraz promises both.

Alcaraz has a long-running racquet deal with Babaolat, the same company that manufactured Nadal’s racquet. Nike then roped him in 2020, on a five-year deal, when he was still rising through the ranks. After Federer’s retirement, Rolex didn’t rush to sign anyone, but last year they signed a lucrative contract with Alcaraz, who flaunted Rolex Daytona on his wrist while collecting his maiden grand slam title. 

Most recently, he became the brand ambassador for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. He was also the face of the “Calvin or Nothing” campaign by Calvin & Klein, an American clothing company that previously had Andre Agassi on their roster.

Net Worth In 2023

After qualifying for the finals of the Cincinnati Masters, where he lost to Djokovic, Alcaraz crossed the $20 million in career earnings. He took home $556,630. The Spaniard is the first tennis player born after 2000 to reach that figure. Overall, only 29 male players have earned more than $20 million in history. But this is just his on-court earnings. He earns around $5 million in sponsorship deals and an estimated $7m from sponsorship posts on social media.

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